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netFORUM was designed first and foremost as a styleguide to document not only our features, but best practices and living.

Upcoming Events

Gender-Affirming Hormones In Patients With Sex Hormone-Responsive Cancers SIG Webinar

Virtual Meeting

In this webinar, experts in oncology and gender-affirming care are discussing two clinical cases, providing their insig...

Emerging Trends in Androgen Receptor-Targeted Therapy in Prostate Cancer SIG Webinar

Virtual Meeting

In this webinar we will discuss resistance to androgen receptor (AR)-targeted therapy in prostate cancer, the various m...

Hormone Therapy in Non-Binary and Genderqueer Individuals - Town Hall (Members Only)

Virtual Meeting

The aim of this town hall is to learn about the NBGQ spectrum and to discuss experiences and challenges in treating NBG...